This website is the final project for ENGL376 Fall 2016 at SFU by Moe Mariani and Debora Ross.

It will look at the relationship between John Murray and Lord Byron; the publisher and author duo who blurred the lines between professional and personal relationships.

Spanning between 1811- 1822, the two became closer as time progressed, only to fall apart some time later. This project will explore key points in their relationship over the years, by looking in depth at some of Byron’s major works, the correspondences they wrote to each other, as well as secondary sources that provide relevant research to our project.

In selecting our topic, we had two major research questions:

  1. Can two individuals form a successful business relationship if their personal and moral beliefs conflict with one another?
  2. Did Murray exploit Byron? If so, were Murray’s actions considered normal between an author and publisher? Did their close personal relationship have an effect?

In asking these questions, we hope to provide further insight to both their homosociality (personal and professional relationship) through connecting Byron’s publications to their correspondences and analyzing moments of censorship over the years.

Although the relationship had been looked at intensively throughout the years, we aim to enter the realm in a different perspective and approach. The chronological timeline created allows us to conceptualize the years with respect to the development of their relationship and exploitation of the author by the publisher apropos to geography and life events.

The reader is first introduced to John Murray and the establishment of the firm, Lord Byron’s career, and a timeline to get a sense of the chronology of events. The strong relationship between them commenced with the publication of Childe Harold I & II in 1812 and censoring the lines of Manfred in 1817. Ending with the burning of his memoirs and concluding of their homosociality.