Timeline : 1811 – 1824

Chronology of Lord Byron’s Life & Works

Created with Adobe Illustrator, this timeline explores the Chronological order of works and important events from the year 1811 (Murray Publishing Byron’s first work with his firm Childe Harold cantos I and II) to 1824 (Death of Lord Byron and burning of his memoirs) with respect to other written and published works as well as other occurrences.

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The timeline allows us as readers to examine some important aspects of Byron’s agenda and geography in relation to his writings and correspondances with John Murray. This is important because it gives a quick visual of years that had more publications and notable events, such as the year 1816.  It is useful to give context to Byron’s life events, as they often coincide with plot events in his literature. The timeline also offers a condensed look at Byron’s autobiography and bibliography all in one place.



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Featured Image : http://www.foliosociety.com/images/books/illustrations/lrg/PLB_13758887013.jpg

Chronology : Byron, George Gordon Byron. The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. London: John Murray, 1876. Print.

File-Hosting website : Dropbox.com


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